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Founded in 1992 by Adi Sha’al and Noa Wertheim, the Vertigo Dance Company has established a unique presence in the contemporary dance scene worldwide. Having developed a distinct artistic language that emphasizes the link between Art and Earth, their works challenge and create an awareness to the limits of the human body. The result is a collage of intricate and singular dance creations that exude the holistic and spiritual approach of leading choreographer, Noa Wertheim.

Since founding the Vertigo Dance Company, Sha'al and Wertheim have created a new production each and every year, from original dance productions to various collaborative projects - each time, inviting audiences on a unique and enchanting journey.

Vertigo's artistic exploration extends to the promotion of social and environmental change. Cultivating personal ties with the community through innovative programs that relate to current social realities - all the while maintaining the company's high dance performance standards. Conveying their message over the years, the Vertigo Dance Company has garnered respect and admiration for their work both socially and professionally.