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"From 27 to 30 March will be held the First International Music Festival Bogotá, Colombia 2013, an event that seeks to create spaces of inclusion and citizen participation around music. This first edition stars the German composer Ludwig van Beethoven and during the four days of the Festival much of the work of this genius of world music is performed.

4 days, 11 stages, 12 languages, 17 countries, 56 concerts, 420 artists.

The Festival aims to bring music to everyone, hence it determined a pricing policy to everyone. Of the 56 concerts of the Festival, 13 are free, 6 have a box office of between 35,000 and 75,000 pesos and 37 concerts with ticketing between 10,000 and 20,000 pesos. In addition will be broadcast live concerts 4 8:30 pm Theatre Mayor through Canal Capital, who will link with regional channels to broaden the spectrum of audiences around music, so that new audiences will be captured and will reinvigorate the cultural projects in the city.

Concerts and recitals will be held in 8 locations in the city. The largest number of concerts will be at the Julio Mario Santo Domingo Cultural Center in Theaters Mayor and Study - Suba. The other scenarios that will receive the Festival in this first edition are: Teatro Jorge Eliecer Gaitán- town of Santa Fe (2 concerts), the Auditorium Huitaca-town La Candelaria (3 concerts), Fabio Lozano Auditorium of the University Jorge Tadeo Lozano town of Santa Fe (3 concerts), Servitá-town Community Center Usaquén (3 concerts), Community Center La Victoria-town of San Cristobal (3 concerts), Public Library Tintal-town of Kennedy (1 concert), Public Library Tunal-town Tunjuelito (1 concert) and Public Library Virgilio Barco-Teusaquillo (1 concert) park. In this way and from the beginning, the Festival is presented as an artistic experience that permeates many areas of the city and reach scenarios that cover areas with different socio-cultural conditions.

With a capacity for 30,000 attendees in different rooms, the International Music Festival Bogotá 2013 promises to be an unforgettable musical experience for Colombians and foreigners, who will respond to the world why Bogota is Beethoven."