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"Saying ""this is Mozart"" is to say ""this is the music."" Yes, well, with emphatic capital letters. You may not have gloss case again precocity, talent, productivity, the incomparable gift, the luminous soul of John Chrysostom Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791); better than this, say that an articulated music festival around this unique salzburgués creator does not require a special celebration or event. The best reason for a festival about Mozart is because, because his music is pure joy, because his music inhabits the undisputed pinnacle of creation of the human spirit. Celebrate Mozart's celebrate our ears and our soul; celebrate celebrating Mozart's music to all; celebrate Mozart is back to give a preeminent place among Composers Composer.

Operas, masses, symphonies, concertos for piano, violin or clarinet, flute or harp, piano sonatas, string quartets, overtures, church sonatas, quartets and quintets mixed, piano and violin sonatas, motets, arias. All this is here, organized in numerous musical sessions offered at various locations, performed by a remarkable collection of soloists, ensembles, orchestras and conductors of Mexico and the world, to form a Mozartian banquet is truly, an embarassment of riches, one musical cornucopia that is destined to become, of course, in a prominent position in the Mexican half musical milestone. It is worth noting that the solid experience and prestige of the performers invited the fact that several of them are specialists in research, interpretation and dissemination of the magical music of Mozart is added, which certainly adds a special dimension to this series of musical sessions. This is Mozart, and indeed, this is the music."